Sports facilities design and consultancy services

We Finns love sports. Today’s demands on sport and exercise are paramount.

Modern and well-maintained conditions provide a solid foundation for well-being and meaningful pursuits.

Changing climate-related problems are also new when designing and implementing sports facilities.

Together with our partner network, we have been involved in several sports building projects, and together we have achieved significant savings and new operating models.

The renovation will bring a new look to the old sports area

Therefore, hybrid projects by municipalities and cities, private and various, need to focus on increasing the mobility of citizens. Different solutions can be found for renovating an old sports facility, where new sports facilities are being built. The strengths of many old sports venues can be further refined and utilized with new solutions.

Our services include needs analysis, communications with the city and equipment manufacturers and construction companies, tendering, and architectural, structural, field, plumbing, electrical, lighting and landscape design of the site as a whole.

We are also happy to provide project consultation. Achieving the best possible result is the result of a seamless collaboration between the customer, the designer and the contractor.

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